• How Much Does It Weigh?

This is probably the most common question Steadicam Operators hear.  My sled, arm and vest, when fully loaded with a large film or HD camera weighs about 50 pounds. 


• Can You Run With Your Steadicam?

Yes I can. The only limitations are how far, how fast, how many times, the terrain and the weight of the camera system. If your scene or story calls for extensive running it is something we should discuss and plan for in advance.  For extremely long runs or tracking shots, or when we'll be shooting multiple running scenes all day, the best method is to use the Steadicam attached to the CineRover, which is made specifically for those types of Steadicam shots. There are vehicle, ATV and dolly mounts for it as well.  I'll help you select the right tool for the job. 


• How Do You Charge?

I charge my day rate as a Steadicam Operator plus kit rental for the Steadicam and accessories. Call or email me for rates and rentals as it varies per project and the gear needed to get the shots. 


• What equipment is included?

My Steadicam kit includes the Sled, Vest and Arm, Bartech Remote follow focus system, Teradek Bolt, Batteries, and Cables. Complete details are listed in the equipment section of the website.